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Courses that I tutor at the University of Guelph:

– Financial Accounting (ACCT*2220)
– Managerial Accounting (ACCT*2230)
– Financial Management (MGMT*3320)

On average, I tutored 18 – 25 students a semester ever year between 2008 and 2012. After each semester ends, I ask my tutees to fill out a feedback/rating form discussing what they liked/disliked about having me as a tutor.


2011 Tutor Feedback Summary
2011 Tutor Feedback Full
2011 Intro Managerial Accounting Review
2012 Tutor Feedback Summary
2012 Tutor Feedback Full
2013 Intermediate Managerial Accounting Review
2013 Advanced Managerial Accounting Review


“What I liked about Ahmed being my tutor was how he has a friendly, non judgemental and approachable personality, which made it easier as the student to ask questions. When I couldn’t grasp the concept that we were going over, I could ask Ahmed to explain it to me until I understood it and with his patience he was able to do so. I liked how he could break it down into simpler terms on how to get right to the point and he had certain diagrams that were easy to remember and extremely helpful.”


“[Ahmed] was very punctual and patient. I have found this to be the major downfalls in other tutors but Ahmed did not disappoint! I would recommend Ahmed to anyone who is willing to work and wants to improve. he should not have to waste his time helping people who do not try to help themselves!”


“Ahmed teaches way better then any accounting professor that I have ever had. He breaks things down step by step in a way that is more simple to understand and explains everything throughly unlike professors. He gets straight to the point of how to accomplish answers instead of confusing you with terms and going about a long unnecessary details that professors always throw in that confuses students further.”


“Ahmed gave really simple and relateable examples to help you understand. I used to just try to memorize things for this class, but Ahmed helped me view accounting in a more logical way and things started making sense. I found that I was no longer just relying on memory, but logical thinking. Also super kind, funny, and approachable. I never felt self-conscious about asking questions, because I felt really comfortable… I think profs these days are really snobby, boring, or don’t care whether you understand or not. But I could tell that Ahmed has a genuine care and passion for teaching. He always ensured you understood no matter how long it took. His approachable demeanor, knowledge, humour and passion would be great characteristics for a prof.”


“[Ahmed] would make an amazing prof because he knows how to engage with students and keep them interested and paying attention… DON’T LEAVE GUELPH UNIVERSITY!!!!!” “[Ahmed] would make an amazing prof because he actually cares about his students or people he is tutoring. He knew what he was teaching and conveyed lessons in a well articulated manner.” “Ahmed went very in depth with his explanations and made sure the student was understanding the content. He went at the pace according to how the student learned. Some tutors I find are a waste of money, but Ahmed was not! He was very helpful and very very kind.”

Review Sessions

I also hold review session for financial accounting and managerial accounting for up to 400 students a semester. I ask students to submit their feedback via an online form which keeps them anonymous. Jathu and I have been getting a lot of positive comments from a review session we did for Managerial Accounting at the University of Guelph. You can view all of the feedback I received by clicking here. None of the entries have been edited or left out. This is exactly what students submitted. Below are a few examples (click to enlarge):

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