System – Phase 1

I love music, so its only natural that I’d step it up a notch when it came to my car’s stereo. So I went out and bought the following:

Polk Audio C500.1 x 3 – 500 watt Monoblock amplifier
Polk Audio C400.4 x 1 – 400 watt 4 channel amplifier
Polk Audio C300.2 x 1 – 300 watt 2 channel amplifier
Polk Audio MMC6500 x 1 – 6.5″ component speakers
Polk Audio MMC690 x 1 – 6×9″ speakers
Polk Audio MMC525 x 1 – 5.25″ speakers
Polk Audio MM2124 x 2 – 12″ 400 watt subwoofers (800w peak)
Polk Audio SR124DVC x 2 – 12″ 700 watt subwoofers (1400w peak)
Rockford Fosgate, Street Wires, Kicker and Stinger wiring

For my set up I used everything listed above except for the 2 channel amplifier and polk momo 12″ subs. I sold one of the subs and gave the amplifier and remaining subwoofer to my brother. I did the install myself and built a fiberglass enclosure for the two subs and made my own amp rack.

For the installation process click visit the following link:

Here are a few pictures:

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© 2011 Ahmed Rizk