A lot of people think that these are ricey headlights, but I like them so I say eat shit. I don’t really like all the chrome, but I like the design. I only got them because I wanted projector headlights. Hopefully one day I’ll retro fit an HID kit in the stock housing.

Installing these headlights was really simple. All you have to do is take off the bumper (there are a few screws, 1 in each wheel well, 2 on the bottom of the bumper and 7 around the grill. After you take off the bumper (you might need a friend’s help) theres only 4 screws/bolts for each headlight. The new ones fit in the exact same location. And thats it. When i replaced my headlights I also made my own grill. I bought the grill mesh and cut it out to fit the frame i bought (I didn’t like the mesh that came with it). After cutting the grill mesh to the correct size, take apart the grill and screw the mesh it to the plastic part of the grill, and then reattach the chrome outline back on. The fog lights were also really easy to install. I connected them to my parking lights and drilled them into the top part of the bumper by the license plate. End result is towards the bottom of the page. Thats it!

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