Cluster Swap

My car came with a speedo that didn’t have a tachometer, so I just had to get a new one… and my old one started to turn on and off whenever it felt like it. Anyhow, this is a very simple swap. You’ll just need a philips and flathead screw driver.

DX Cluster:

EX Cluster:

Aftermarket Cluster:

Si Cluster (current setup):


1. there are 2 screws right above the speedometer, u need a small philps screwdriver to take them out. After they’re out remove the black cover but becareful because there are 2 clips on the bottom that help hold it in.

2. There are 4 screws that hold the cluster in. Remove them and take out the cluster gauge. Disconnect all the wires at the back. Then hold the new cluster gauge in your hand for fun. lol.

3. Insert the new cluster gauge, connect the wires in the correct place (they will only fit in one spot) and put the 4 screws back on:

4. Admire your new cluster. Make sure you write the difference in the mileage for your records. That way you know mow much kilometeres are actually on your engine/car.

© 2011 Ahmed Rizk