2011 Tutoring Feedback


During the year, I tutored 26 students in financial accounting, managerial accounting and financial management.

After the school year ended, I asked my tutees to fill out a feedback/rating form discussing what they liked/disliked about having me as a tutor. Of the 26 students I tutored, 9 responded and left feedback (35% response rate).

The rating form had 4 categories:

  • Clarity
  • Knowledge in subject
  • Helpfulness
  • Overall

The questionnaire had 5 options for each question:

  • Very poor (1)
  • Poor (2)
  • Neither good or bad (3)
  • Good (4)
  • Very good (5)

The results are summarized in the following chart:

Submission # Clarity Knowledge  Helpfulness Overall
1 5 5 5 5
2 5 5 5 5
3 5 5 5 5
4 5 5 5 5
5 5 5 5 5
6 5 4 5 5
7 5 5 5 5
8 5 5 5 5
9 5 5 5 5
Average 5.00 4.89 5.00 5.00
Median 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00

The rest of the questionnaire asked the following questions:

  1. Would you recommend Ahmed as a tutor?
  2. What did you like most about having Ahmed as your tutor?
  3. What did you like least about having Ahmed as your tutor (what can improve)?
  4. Would Ahmed make a good prof? Why or why not?
  5. Additional thoughts/feedback (optional):

The individual responses to these five questions can viewed in a PDF file by clicking here. This PDF contains the feedback from all nine submissions I received. Nothing has been added, altered or left out except for the student’s name which was optional. Below are three examples of what students said:

“[Ahmed] would make an amazing prof because he knows how to engage with students and keep them interested and paying attention… DON’T LEAVE GUELPH UNIVERSITY!!!!!”

“[Ahmed] teaches way better then any accounting professor that I have ever had. He breaks things down step by step in a way that is more simple to understand and explains everything throughly unlike professors. He gets straight to the point of how to accomplish answers instead of confusing you with terms and going about a long unnecessary details that professors always throw in that confuses students further.”

“[Ahmed] went very in depth with his explanations and made sure the student was understanding the content. He went at the pace according to how the student learned. Some tutors I find are a waste of money, but Ahmed was not! He was very helpful and very very kind :)”


© 2011 Ahmed Rizk